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Bio Science & Applied Science


Faculty Name Topic
Dr.J.Achuth Introduction to databases
Dr.A.Manivannan Introduction to Bioethics
Dr.N.Hemashenpagam Sampling of Air -Settle plate method
Dr.N.Vanitha Introduction to Medical Bacteriology
Dr.A.Geetha Molecular Orbital Theory
Dr.A.Manju Origin of Primitive Biomolecules
Dr.D.Mahalakshmi Water Activity in Food
Dr.G.Rajalakshmi Structure and functions of plasma membrane
Dr.P.Karthiga Water Analysis
Dr.U.Suriyakalaa Historical perspectives of immunology
Mr.N.Suresh Discharge of capacitor
Mrs.R.Amrithavalli Laser Absorption, Spontaneous, Stimulated Process
Ms.Deepika Food packaging
Mrs.R.Vishalashi Magnetostriction Oscillator
Dr.J. Achuth Introduction to Protozoology
Dr.S.G.Antony Godson Cell Culture Technology
Mrs.C.Ajitha Griffiths Experiment
Ms.Kiruthika Stem Cells
Dr.M.Raja Rajeshwari Hankel Transform in Integral Transforms
Dr.M.Raja Rajeshwari Laplace Transforms definition and properties
Mrs.P.Jagadeeshwari Minimization cases of LPP in Graphical Method








Commerce Streams


Faculty Name Topic
Dr. M. Mahalakshmi Introduction, Scope and Classification of Finance
Dr. D. Vanitha Introduction and Process of Communication
Dr. G. Venkatesan Introduction to Management Information System
Dr. J. Christopher Financial Statement
Dr. J. Christopher Residential status of an individual
Dr. M. Mahalakshmi Personality
Dr. M. Ramya Marketing and Marketing Mix
Dr. P. Sekar Working Capital Management
Dr. R. Sangeetha BCG Matrix and GE Model
Dr. R. Sangeetha Logistics Management
Dr. S. Shankarii Introduction to Income Tax
Dr.A.Maheshwari Introduction to Amalgamation
Dr.D.Sasikala Admission of a partner
Dr.G.Maheswaran Introduction to Auditing and rectification of errors
Dr.J.Christopher Rent Free house,Provident Fund,Perks
Dr.K.Akilandeswari Value Education-Concept of human values
Dr.N.Lakshmi Priya Introduction, Meaning, Definition,Types of Auditing
Dr.R. Sangeetha Marketing Environment in India
Dr.R.Rajesh Cash Budget
Dr.S.Shankarii Introduction to Income Tax
Mr.P.PrasathKumar Introduction , meaning, defnition
Mr.P.Tamilselvan Java History and Features
Mr.V.Manikandan Branch Accounting
Mrs. Akilandeshwari Income Tax in India
Mrs. Bharathi Introduction to Income Tax
Mrs. Jayanthi Shobana Qualification of an Auditor
Mrs. T. Deepa The Cost and elements of Cost
Mrs.K.S.Mahalakshmi Types of organisation
Mrs.S. Deepika Planning in Business Management
Ms.K.Akila Business Finance, Meaning ,Concept and Scope
Ms.K.Jamuna Functions of Commercial banks
Ms.K.Priyadharshini One Nation One Tax








Computer Science Streams


Faculty Name Topic
 Dr. C. Daniel Nesa Kumar Project Lifecycle Models
 Mrs. A Gowri Introduction to Python
 Mrs. G.S Geethamani History and Importance of Java
 Mrs. Marrynal Eastaff Introduction to Android
 Mrs. V. Sangeetha Introduction - Computer Network
 Mrs.T.Kavipriya Introduction about Open Source Software
 Mrs.T.Kavipriya what is Linux?
 Ms.G.Priyanka Number System
Dr. C. Thirumoorthi Entity - Relationship Model
Mr. Aravind Developing HTML Programs
Mr.A.Ganesan Network Technologies
Mrs. G. Sivabrindha Introduction to Big Data
Dr. Marrynal S Eastaff Android Components
Mrs. N. Dhanapriya Introduction to C Programming
Mrs. P.Deepika Introduction to research Methodology
Mrs. R. Sivaranjani Algorithms,Building Blocks of Algorithms
Mrs. R. Sivaranjani Notation (Programming Language)
Mrs. R. Sivaranjani Notation (Pseudocode,Flowchart)
Mrs. S. Arulmozhi Introduction to .Net
Mrs. S. Arulmozhi Components of Framework
Mrs.J.S.Anita Lily Software Testing
Mrs.N. Dhanapriya Generation of computers
Mrs.T.Kavipriya Linux Distributions
Ms. G.Priyanka Introduction to Computer System Architecture










Industry Science & Literary Studies


Faculty Name Topic
Dr.A.Charles Design Aesthetics
Dr P.Prabhu Kavidhai-manasu
Dr.Aruvi Thenmozhi Ettuthogai Noolgal - Introduction
Dr.C.Smitha Autobiography of Kallen Pokkutan
Dr.R.Prema Introduction - Rectifiers
Dr.R.Ramesh Kumar RAS- Srungar
Dr.B.Anitha PRESS-The Fourth Estate
DR.P.Jeyaprakasam Tamizhathil Panaimaram 
Dr.R.Ramesh Kumar Kabeer Ke Dohe
Dr.T.Anbuchelvi Bharathiyar
Mr.A.Charles Design Thinking
Mrs.Sreeba Imparfait
Ms.Abdullah Alfazeena Designing in Adobe Photoshop
Ms.Mahitha Mohan Alternating Current
Ms.Priyanka Classification of Looms
Ms.Vidhya Technical Textiles
Mr.R.Rajan Classification of Alcoholic Beverages
Dr.Jayalakshmi Acquiring Soft Skills
Dr.P.Srilekha Corporate Social Responsibility
Dr.C.Leena The Road Not Taken
Dr.C.Leena Alfred Nobel