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Our Vision is to provide world-class knowledge resource that not only caters to the curricular requirement but also promotes intellectual enquiry and research. We propose to achieve this through superior quality service consistently. Collection for us is, future oriented and user driven process, which is constantly updated to meet our user requirements, and focuses on values like quality, utility, accessibility and stability.




Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched 

The Library mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the user community.



Library Timings


Library Working Hours   9.00 a.m  to 6.00 p.m
Book Transaction and  Circulation Time   9.00 a.m to 5. 30 p.m


Library Collection


 Books   51185 
Journals and Magazines 123



Digital Resources 


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Assistant Librarians 


Name  Designation
MRS.Rathina Kumari.P Assistant Librarian
MRS.Kasthurireka.M Assistant Librarian
MR.Madhan Kumar.M  Assistant Librarian



Library Rules & Regulations


»  Library is "The Temple of Learning"; hence absolute silence must be maintained in and around the library. Loud consultation, animated conversation etc., are strictly prohibited.

»  Students / Staff should scan their ID card in e-gate scanner.

»  Students / Staff are advised not to keep their valuable things like Cell Phone, Calculator, Wallet etc., in the property counter. Library Authorities are not responsible for any loss of such items.

»  The students are advised to keep their bar- coded identity cards safely and not to lend their ID to any other student and do not make Xerox of the original ID. After borrowing a book, the students are advised to check the book before leaving the counter.

»  Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Directories, Reference books, Journals and Back volumes shall not be lent out.

»  The books should be returned within 15 days from the date of issue. A borrowed book should be returned on the due date, failing which a penalty will be collected as overdue charge.

»  Students / Staff are advised to return/renew the books on or before due date marked on the book.

»  Renewal is also allowed if the concerned book is not reserved by others. 
»  Defects must be brought to the notice of the Librarian. Otherwise, the borrower is liable to be held responsible. The borrower will have to replace the book or pay the value of the book fixed by the Librarian.

»  This Library follows the open access system. Hence books taken out of the racks shall not be replaced. They should be left on the reading table.

»  No user shall deface the library books by underlining or scribbling notes in the margins etc. Library books are the Nation’s assets and belong to all. All users are required to protect library books against wanton and wilful damage, mutilation, theft and other malpractices.

»  Loss of ID Card & books issued, if any should be reported to the Librarian immediately in the prescribed form.

»  Personal books and files should be left on the rack at the entrance of the Library. Plain sheets may be taken instead.

»  Use of Mobile phones inside the Library is strictly prohibited.

»  Misbehaviour in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and also lead to serious disciplinary action.