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‘Health is Wealth’ – as the quote says, maintaining health is an important aspect for life human being. One of the finest methods to be a healthy person is playing sports and games. There are several sports and games available to the present generation and they choose particular sports or game based on their interest and ability to participate. In this regard, it is worth to quote the Government initiative towards participation in sports by means of ‘Fit India Movement’ started on 29 August 2019. In order to encourage the students to participate in sports and games and to enrich them by enhancing their capability and skill and also to maintain their health and fitness, the sports advisory committee is formed in our college.

The Institution has adequate facilities for the students to exhibit their inherent skills in the area of sports and games (indoor, outdoor) and to conduct national and international level tournaments and intercollegiate cultural events. The facilities in the institution are also utilized by sports bodies for conducting national and international level tournaments.


Sports and Games Facilities

        The college has 5.50 acres of playground with 200M track for athletic events to house the sports and games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Ball Badminton and Kabaddi. The indoor facilities accommodate games like Carrom, Table-Tennis, Chess and Shuttle.

Specifications of Outdoor and Indoor Games


1.  Cricket Ground of 50 mts radius spread over an area of 3.5 acres with 2 practice wickets.

2.   A standard volleyball court of size 2200 sq.ft.

3.   Six shuttle badminton courts of 17600 sq.ft in the indoor sports complex.

4.   Standard concrete basketball court of size 5000 sq.ft.

5.   Football ground of size 50000 sq.ft.

6.   Throw Ball court of size 3000 sq.ft.

7.   Separate Kabaddi courts for boys and girls of 3000 sq.ft.

8.   Carrom boards 10 are available.

9.   Four Table Tennis Table of 4000 sq.ft.

10.  Chess boards 30 are available.

11.  Tennis Court of 4000 sq.ft.

12.  Astro Turf Football court of 10000 sq.ft.


        Gymnasium centre in 3000 sq.ft. is fitted with equipments like Adjustable bench, barbell stand, dumbbells, dumbbells stand, exercise ball, treadmill, gym plates, etc.


        A multi-purpose hall of 2000 sq.ft. is available for Yoga. Both the staff and students are trained by certified yoga instructors.


Physical Director



Dr.S.Karunanidhi - Director 


Physical Education


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