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Dr.A.PONNUSAMY- Principal

As Principal I am very impressed by the commitment of the Management and the faculty members to provide provision excellent all round education for our students at our institution which has state of the art facilities.

Since the college has got Autonomous status, the curriculum has been regularly reviewed to ensure that it remains appropriate to the needs of the learners. In addition, this will allow teachers and learners to fully utilize the very best of modern learning opportunities. Under my leadership with a team of faculty members engage in promoting academic excellence among our students.
HICAS is a college with innovations drawing on the talents and skills of faculty, students and other stake holders to provide a host of educational programs and projects. Wholesome participation is encouraged in the academic activities and the extensive range of extracurricular activities is offered. A proper care is taken to ensure the well-being and happiness of each and every student of the institution. Our commitment is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, problem solvers and inspired learners. Thus students are prepared to lead a successful life in the competitive world.
In the present competitive scenario, colleges are faced with great challenges towards increasing the quality of service delivery, providing practical training, ensuring a viable campus environment for both faculty and students and implementing the outcome of research and development in society. To meet the challenge we are working towards enhancing infrastructural facilities to provide holistic and comprehensive education to the students which can enable them to be employable, to become successful entrepreneurs, through the real enlightenment of the self. The commitment and team of work of the faculty will enable the institution and all its members to achieve the vision and mission of the institution.