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About the Controller of Examinations

The Office of the Controller of Examinations was established in the year 2016 after the grant of autonomy from the Bharathiar University. The Admission and Examination are the two faces of any Institute. It is our responsibility to keep both the processes efficient and transparent. The prime focus of the Office of the Controller of Examinations would be ‘Students’, to make them capable enough to face the competitive world through quality education and develop moral value systems.

Veracity, Quality and Control are the rudimentary principles on which our management firmly believe in. By virtue of deep involvement and dedication in the examination matters, Office of the Controller of Examination plays a vital role in the strategic decisions.  Always examination team has embarked on reshaping its services. We are heading towards emerging as swift service provider.

The CBCS & LOCF structure is been opted by our college as per the rules of UGC.  These are welcoming sign and generates new challenges for the office of the controller of examination. The College administration has implemented the automation of Examination system to meet these welcoming challenges and to provide better connectivity with students and teachers with this office. The outstanding academic performance of the college is evident from the fact that it has been scoring almost 100% results in the final year examinations of all its courses. The special advise the students to be regular to classes and to avoid absence in exams whether external or internal. Plan the schedule in a manner to get well prepared in time for the examinations.



It strives to be a one stop centre of excellence.
The speedy process  in uploading best management practices, follows a credible, valid, effective  system that responds best in quality to the  demand of a knowledge society. 


To provide a high level of confidentiality, security and transparent evaluation system to vital for strengthening confidence among the users of its services in general. 

Objectives &  Features

As a part of the quality initiatives, several reforms have been introduced and several are lined up for implementation in the evaluation system and some of them are furnished below:


♦️  Complete External evaluation is followed to maintain the  transparency.

♦️  Practical question papers will be setted by external mode at the time of Practical Exams.

♦️  Auto compilation of the CGPA  (Continuous Internal Assessments +End Semester Examinations) by the software.

♦️  Online Student registration for Semester End Examinations.

♦️  Online Examination fee payment.

♦️  Online centralized CIA test.

♦️  Generation of Mark & Consolidated Statements with the authenticity established through security features including high resolution border, micro text line, nano text, void pentagraph, gold foil stamping, penetrating number, invisible printing logo, magic text, micro borderline etc.

♦️  Generation of hall ticket with seating plane of the entire exam schedule with student photo for the identity.

♦️  Hall ticket can be Downloaded from  college website.

♦️  Students grievance form will be available in our system for exam related queries and a quick response will be initiated.

♦️  Attendance proforma will be followed for eligibility of candidates.

♦️  Dummy numbering is introduced for confidentiality.

♦️  Providing application for Supplementary examination, Revaluation  of Answer  Scripts etc can be downloaded through college website. 

♦️  Conducting online examinations through Google class/Examly AI Techniques. 

♦️  Future plan to initiate Internal Marks entry directly  in online mode by class tutors.

♦️  Planned to initiate External mark entry for both practical and theory subjects.


Responsibilities of Controller of Examination Section

Confidential Section: 

1. Selecting the subject experts from the panel for setting question paper for all programme.
2. Receiving question paper following blooms taxonomy for examinations.
3. Scrutinizing the question papers.
4. Printing the number of question papers in the presence of COE.
5. Distribution of  question papers to the examination committee for conducting examination  on the day of examination.


General Section: 

1. Collecting the Students database (photos and other relevant data)
2. Issuing the notifications (external/internal).
3. Generating student exam application forms.
4. Issuing the hall tickets. 
5. Receiving of internal exam marks for all programmes. 
6. Preparing End Semester Examination timetable (Theory/Practical). 
7. Publishing  of the semester results 
8. Issuing of marks statement
9. Issuing of Consolidated mark statement.
10. Issuing transcripts after complete verification
11.Preparing seating arrangement for Hall invigilators.
12. Sending results to University for degree certificate.