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Anti Caste Discrimination Committee



According to the 1998 UGC Guidelines for the establishment of a Special Cell for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, for the Universities and deemed Universities and colleges the purpose of this Committee is to monitor the admission of students and the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staffs at various levels. The committee has well formed policies and program for SC/ST category which looks into providing guidance, counseling and resolving issues pertaining to cast based discrimination the college and to enhance the diversity within the campus.
To oversee the effective implementation of policies and programs for the SC/ST students, to provide guidance, counseling and resolve issues pertaining to the Caste Based Discrimination at College and to enhance the diversity within the campus.

        ♦️  To ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community in the College and bring about Social inclusion.


♦️ To enhance the diversity among the students, teaching and non-teaching staff population and at the same time eliminate the perception of Caste Based Discrimination at College.


♦️  To help individuals or a group of students belonging to the SC/ST regarding issues related to Caste Based Discrimination at College.


♦️  To sensitize the college on the problems of Caste Based Discrimination at College.


♦️  To facilitate SC/ST students to avail the Scholarships offered by the Government.


♦️  To conduct remedial coaching classes for the students (priority to SC/ST) for their academic improvement.


Members List



Name    Designation & Department      Position    
Dr. Ponnusamy.A    Principal           Chairperson   
Mr. Ganesan.A        Associate professor, Department of  MCA  Coordinator    
Mr. Subramanian.N  Associate professor,  Department of  Viscom  Member    
Dr. Parameswari.M  Professor, Department of Commerce  CA  Member    
Mrs.Deepa.T   Assistant professor , Department of Commerce  CA  Member    
Mr. Karthick.C     Assistant professor , Department of  English   Member    
Mrs. Jayanthi Shobana.S Assistant professor,  Department of Commerce  Member    
Ms. Suganya.D Assistant professor,  Department of Commerce PA & AF  Member    
Mr. Sasi Kumar S.C Non Teaching Staff   Member    


Minutes of the Meeting


   ¤   2016 - 2017 

   ¤   2017 - 2018

  ¤   2018 - 2019

  ¤   2019 - 2020

  ¤   2020 - 2021