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Centre of Excellence for Faculty Development


About COExFD


     Hindusthan College of Arts & Science has established Centre of Excellence for Faculty Development (COExFD) with a vision to inculcate Institutional values and its effectiveness among teachers through the development of  Personal, Instructional, Organizational and Professional growth and work continuously on nurturing and refreshing faculty members at all stages through teaching and learning resources.


       The physical resources contribute for the development of the students and staff extensively and outwardly. In the case of human resources, the mobilisation of manpower and training them will reflect in the outcome both directly and indirectly. This way, the faculty involvement plays an important role in shaping the students and utilizing the resources for institutional development. Faculty involvement is the main ingredient to enhance the professional education and competence. Enriching the faculty in the key areas of teaching, assessing, research, professionalism and administration is perceived to improve educational environment significantly and enhances the academic performance of students. In fact, FDP has been considered as a stand alone educational pedagogy in  fostering  knowledge and professional skill of development. The faculty development can be ensure through effective utilization of resources available both in the organisation as well as outside the organisation.


         Thus, the faculty development is an essential element of  Institutional effectiveness and has a crucial role to play in promoting academic excellence and  innovation.


              All the faculty members are  provided with opportunities to participate in professional development programmes as listed below both the enriching knowledge as well as for delivering the core element of knowledge they have gained.


♦️  Induction Programmes

♦️  Training Programmes

♦️  Seminars & Conferences

♦️  Internship Programmes 

♦️  Exchange programmes

♦️  Research Programmes


Also , the success of these programme depends on how strategically they have been organised and how effectively ,they have been implemented.


Members List


Name Designation Position
Dr. A Ponnusamy Principal Chair Person
Dr.N. Dr.N.Hemashenpagam Professor, Department of Microbiology Coordinator
Dr .K. Jeyalakshmi Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science Member
Dr. P. Lalitha Professor, Department of BCA Member
Dr. M. Yegammai Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics Member
Dr. S. Jothilatha Assistant Professor, Department of BBA Member
Dr. M. Mahalakshmi Associate Professor, Department of Commerce (CA) Member
Dr. P. Senthilkumar Associate Professor, Department of BioTechnology Member
Dr.R.Sangeetha Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce IB Member





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